Pranjal Yadav
04 Mar

Logging on is quite simple as this process allows people to access the Wi-Fi available on JetNet. If you are also travelling using JetNet Airlines then, you can also use newjetnet aa com aa jetnet to access the internet connection easily. Here we are giving you the steps that you need to adhere to when you wish to use the internet connection on your long aerial journey. 

Easily Connect to Wi-Fi on

My newjet allows people to access the wireless connection available on the airline and if you wish to access the same then, you simply have to stick to the commands given here. 

  1. Ensure that you have downloaded the American Airlines application on your device before your journey starts. 
  2. Now, put your mobile phone into the Airplane mode and look for the ‘AA-Inflight’ Wi-Fi after turning on the Wi-Fi option. 
  3. If this does not work for you, you can also use a web browser to access website to connect to the wireless connection. 

The Wi-Fi also ensures that the cabin crew of American Airlines can also connect to the internet using newjetnet aa employee login. The Wi-Fi connection makes sure that flyers as well as the employees of the airlines can easily access the internet. 

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